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The Engineering Components & Machinery Manufacturers Association (ECMMA) was incorporated by the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan in 1990 under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1985 as a registered non-profit organization and subsequently licensed by Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan under the Trade Organization Ordinance 2007 and thereunder rules to promote advancement of the profession of Engineers in Pakistan, disseminate engineering knowledge amongst members, foster ethical practices in engineering services sector and promote fraternity between public and private sectors. ECMMA currently has 150 members with its head office at Lahore and chapter offices in Karachi.
ECMMA is a representative body of the Engineering Components and Machinery Manufacturers in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is the member of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

ECMMA protects the rights of its members and provides a neutral forum to take up issues with the Government and International Agencies to enhance the working relationship between these organizations and its members. ECMMA also serves as a body to which any Government agency can seek help or assistance in developing policies and legislation that is required to be passed through parliament and other legislative bodies.
ECMMA Members provide services in variety of disciplines, some of them are strong in a particular discipline while the large ones are multi-disciplinary companies. If need be there can be combinations or consortiums to fulfill the needs of a client to his entire satisfaction. Many of them have worked as a partner in a joint venture at home and abroad. In fact ECMMA Members are capable professionals to work with.
Member firms are individually registered with international development financing institutions.
ECMMA elections are held every year. Muhammad Bilal is the elected Chairman, Mr. Hamza Nisar was elected as the Sr. Vice Chairman and Mr. Muhammad Javed as the Vice Chairman in the elections held in September/October 2015.

Membership Of ECMMA
ECMMA Membership comprises of more than 180 engineering firms, providing a wide range of engineering related services to the government and private sector clients.
Membership Requirements:
A registered entity that fulfills the requirements of ECMMA bylaws is eligible to become member of ECMMA.

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